Thursday, December 17, 2015

Comedy or Pain? (COMICS)

Wisdom Quarterly; Tom Tomorrow (; Jen Sorensen (

Education in the future: Gen W, the wankiest
What about this thing, "The War on Christmas" we've heard so much about?

Is that a thing? Just today at the mall, everyone was saying Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, cHappy cHanukkah, Feliz Navidad and, "Hey, are you guys going to buy something or just hand out flyers?"
Xenophobia for anyone who's different
Then it happened. Someone said, "God bless" and then "Merry Christmas," not Xmas, but using the lord's name in vain and everything. And you know what we said? "Same here; have a nice day!"

It's California, and "Have a nice day" is sort of the state motto. It means something like Aloha. Hello, goodbye, naff off... No one said "Happy Kwanzaa" or "Krishna's Greetings" or "Have a blessed Buddhist bash!"

Comedy in our society no longer means ridiculing conspicuous consumption or hypocrisy. Now it's all about guns, Republican apologetics, racism, war, rumors of war, escapist-hedonism, and surviving police oppression and NSA spying.

Be careful we don't 2nd Amendment you!
Be careful in our world, particularly in cash-strapped cities by police, but anytime anywhere if plotters have their way.

Police and surveillance agencies need a pretext for everything they plan to roll out. If real criminals can't get out there, moles need to be deployed to create the appearance of a constant threat so everyone is on the alert all the time. Live anxiously or know something else is happening. It's not the world the media distorts for us.

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