Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Buddhist monks on the fashion runway, NY?

Associated Press (, 9-14-15); CC Liu, Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly
Vajrayana Buddhist monks perform before the Prabal Gurung Spring 2016 collection is modeled during Fashion Week, Sunday, September 13, 2015 in New York, New York, USA (AP).

But I'm still the "Miss World," Beauty Queen of the Universe, right? They're just monks.
Ah, what the hell are they doing on stage!!?
Prabal Gurung brings Buddhist monks onto his fashion runway.
NEW YORK, USA - It was an incongruous sight, even for New York Fashion Week, but a very moving one.

Living by the patimokkha (ATI)
With a who's who of A-list Hollywood actresses in the front row, Prabal Gurung opened his runway show with 30 Buddhist monks.

They had traveled to New York to chant a prayer of gratitude for the world's help during the devastating earthquake that killed thousands in Gurung's native Nepal in April.
Monks in sexy fashion show?
Vajrayana Buddhism (Tibet, Bhutan, Russia, Nepal...) loves the future Buddha Maitreya.
Wait. What's happening here? We've been bumped for those guys in robes?
"When the earthquake happened [in Nepal, Tibet, and China], the first people that came to our rescue in Nepal was the fashion industry here, and I wanted to show some kind of gratitude to them," Gurung said after Sunday evening's show.

Robes or dresses? Both can be nice.
"I go and visit the monastery (in Nepal) all the time, and I had this idea, and they wanted to do it."
The entire runway show was dedicated to Nepal, with garments in shades of lemon, saffron, peach, tea rose, and other variations of orange and yellow. There was barely a dark color in the mix.
I may be a Bag of Bones full of urine, blood, fecal matter, sweat, and stuff, but I'm hot!
My body's full of excrement.
Especially effective were lovely white dresses embroidered in orange and yellow, and filmy chiffon evening gowns that floated down the runway. There was also some fringe and sparkle in the mix.

Gurung had a lot of celebrity support: His front row included actresses Jennifer Hudson, Hailee Steinfeld, Laverne Cox from "Orange is the New Black," Kylie Jenner, and Solange Knowles. Cox was wearing a bright blue Gurung creation. "I've just started working with Prabal," she said. "It's pretty cool. All of a sudden I am here, wearing his stuff at his show."

I'd rather be pretty than smart or a feminist or anything like that. I'm Miss USA!
Gurung said he hoped the world would learn a little bit about Nepal. "All I wanted to do is show a little of where I'm from," he said, "and show it to the rest if the world. I hope they'll be enticed to go visit, because that's what Nepal needs right now."
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