Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Horrifying True Story of St. Patrick's Day

Editors, Wisdom Quarterly;; Laurah Jurca (The SolOddessy); ESF

Welcome to Irish Cinco de Mayo, the last time the latest genocidal force began to take hold of our Emerald Isle wresting it from our hands. This was once a "pagan" haven of Nature loving Tuatha De Danann (Peoples or Tribes of the Goddess Danu) descendents.

But Rome, England, and the Catholic Papal States would not stand for anyone being free anywhere near their colonies.

Molested by gay priest angry rapist abroad?
So who is this "Saint Patrick" (Pádraig)? He wasn't Irish. (He was British). He didn't do anything on the 17th (but rather was good enough to pass on on the 8th or 9th, so the Church added the two, 8+9=17).
He wasn't the leader of a freedom revolution. He was an escaped British slave held on the island who came back to take revenge laying down a scourge we are not yet free of -- Holy Roman Catholicism, a child molesting priesthood, anti-temperance whiskey spirits (first distilled and distributed by Catholic monks), shame-inducing, sex-hating, holier than thou hypocrisy...

St. Paddy the slave missionary
Religion is an identity, not a set of beliefs (as Prof. Reza Aslan so eloquently explained to Oprah). So we're proud of our Irish Catholic heritage but not for its Roman Catholicism.

We're proud of it in contradistinction to invading Brits, WASPs, Anglicans, Episcopalians, Protestant meddlers, ruin-bringers, slavers, ethnic cleansers who stole our Gaelic, our customs and ways for the greater good of the UK, of empire, of world domination. This way the same thing they did to Native Americans through the farce that was the "founding" of this colony, the USofA.

The Tribes of Danu were like the Tribes of this continent in America -- wiped out. And our minds were colonized so that we identified with the colonizers. We took pride in our new God and Goddess (Mother Mary), throwing out and disclaiming the old, Danann.

It can't have been a happy time in Irish history of a century ago if the first Occidental to ordain as a Buddhist monk was an Irishman, Venerable Dhammaloka. Look it up. Irish Pride, American Indian Movement, Chicano Power. All of this may not make sense in Boston, Mass. or New York, NY, but it sure makes sense in Los Angeles, California.

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