Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mythological maps of our Earth (video)

Is our Earth a contoured disc or flat with a cracked dome called the firmament and its rift? Let's see what other cultures believed before we forced our Western theory onto them. Where is the entrance to Agartha, "Middle Earth," and the levels beneath the surface home of its real inhabitants as opposed to us the outliers on the exposed surface?
What do the world's mythologies say about the flat Earth, its dome, Sun, Moon, stars, planets, satellites, rainbows, the Great Flood, the Black Sun, the North Star Polaris, and another urge to engage in Blood Over Intent, our spiritual currency into the center of the plane -- our Divine Destination? Music by Devin Madgy. Email me directly at

NOTE: For anyone new to Earth being flat Earth, this is NOT the video to watch! Watch the evidence videos first by presenters like Eric Dubay. Then Come back after you've digested that mind blowing work. Those channels are designed to lift the curtain and explain the theory from the ground up. In any case, I do not base my argument in this video on there being a flat Earth. This is other research. Some of this information is purely speculative, which I distinguish while I am presenting it. Please feel free to mirror any of my videos on your channel with a link back to mine.

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