Thursday, March 23, 2017

Isolation (What is bordeom?) Mind Field (Ep. 1)

YouTube, a subsidiary of Google Corp., is trying to charge money to watch. But how can it if we're all used to using it for free? It wanted to impose fees but would lose tens of millions of viewers it if did.

Rage Against the Machine...symbolically.
So Google Corp. -- itself a subsidiary of the Alphabet Agencies that give it power, funding, protection, access, and get from it all the help they (CIA, NSA, FBI, NSC, DHS, etc.) want with their domestic and international spying, social control, consent manufacturing, and investigations.

Yes, my pretties.
So the G-men decided to do the more American thing: entice us to want to pay to watch. Introducing "YouTube Red," paid access programming. This is CIA-assisted capitalism, which creates its own funding streams so as not to have to answer to Congress or the government for it secret activities.

FULL MOVIE: The Thinning, featuring Peyton List and Logan Paul, before YouTube starts charging for the privilege. Beware not to get addicted to the service.

The Thinning ft. Peyton List
This kind of capitalism charges us to be spied on and socially controlled. It's no longer enough to carry your iPhone like a "wire" spying on all your friends, relatives, secret meetings (with everyone packing a phone), innermost thoughts, and whereabouts to provide more data points for our own personalized government algorithm, which makes us more predictable and less trouble.
YouTube itself wants to warn us of what's happening, but it can't come right out and say so. So it created this YouTube Red teen thriller, The Thinning (wiki), following the massive success of The Hunger Games featuring Jennifer Lawrence and The Divergent Series featuring Shailene Woodley.

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