Saturday, March 25, 2017

Vegan Street Fair, L.A., March 26 (FREE); Dhr. Seven, Kelly, Wisdom Quarterly

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(WQ) It was an amazing sight. All of Chandler alongside the NoHo Metro Station was tent after tent of vegan outlets. It extended four city blocks, crossing the street to the beer garden and DJ booth, where the food trucks parked. See, the fair curved up at Lankershim where it took up another block. Some line were about 200 hipsters long. Others were much shorter. There was all kinds of food -- but people want one thing: carnival, circus, temporary amusement park food: fried anything, tacos, burgers, pizza, donuts, potatoes. One big seller was the tornado potato, a skewered russet straight from the toxic fryer. Others were cookies, cupcakes, candy bars, and various drinks, chocolate protein shakes, and lots of common condiments. It's good at the base but, as the teeshirts tell us, "Anything you can I can eat vegan." Recommended. And another one is coming to the Valley soon.
Vegan Food Art Show, FREE ENTRY, March 25, 6:00-10:00 PM. Join the monthly Underground Vegan Supper Club by Iris Green at this great space near DTLA (

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