Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Indonesian pyramid found (video)

HeavenToEarth.com Transformational Voyage Cruise Lecture by ZoharStarGate.com (ZEG TV Hidden from the Public, Aug. 6, 2019; Pat Macpherson, Dhr. Seven (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
It really is an ancient pyramid covered in jungle in Java, Indonesia (wowshack.com)

The Indonesian Pyramid: Gunung Padang
The Gunang Padang megalithic site (wiki)
Gunung Padang ("Mountain of Light or Enlightenment") is a hidden pyramid in a Sumatran hillside in Indonesia. It could rewrite ancient history.

Egypt's oldest pyramid was built (according to standard sources) 5,000 years ago. If archaeologists are correct, the Indonesian pyramid could be as much as four times older.

It is one of many megalithic monuments in the area. Buried beneath this megalithic jumble is the ancient pyramid. The structure is older than 9,000 years and could be up to 20,000 old.

The ruins of Gunung Padang ("Mount Parang") are almost covered. It is known as the place with the most megalithic structures in Indonesia.

Geologists and archeologists are currently keen to test its age to see if it is the oldest pyramid ever discovered. In any case it is proof of an advanced ancient civilization in Java.

The majority of the stepped site is human-made, perhaps built by generations over many centuries.

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