Thursday, August 22, 2019

How to train like Bruce Lee (video)

Bruce Lee, Fists of Fury, 1960
In light of the recent insult rapist Harvey Weinstein's favorite director Quentin Tarantino delivered to the memory of Bruce Lee, we thought we should show who the great martial artist really was.

What was he like in the dōjō?* Lee was a paragon of self-restraint, meditative calm, and disciplined determination. He was also an all-around nice guy in Hollywood.

That's not the way first-time father Tarantino misrepresents Lee in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It's like when Tarantino revised history to curry favor by pretending that Nazis lost WW II when they actually won.

Nazis are still in power, albeit under different names: Project Paperclip brought many SS and Nazi Party members to the U.S. to become unprosecuted citizens, scientists, and influential government operatives.

They set up our very own "Gestapo" (eventually known as the CIA), our nuclear program, our surveillance state, our secret police, our empire-building alphabet agencies, and more. German Nazi Wernher von Braun came to work for the military-industrial complex and on secret projects like the American Oppenheimer.

Bruce Lee is presented as a bully who beats up Brad Pitts' character. This would never happen, nor is there any such report of it or anything like it happening. But Tarantino cares about plots, not realities. Fortunately, the current movie is his penultimate. With Harvey Weinstein headed for a Jeffrey Epstein fate, who would inspire and bankroll him now?

The dōjō is a space for immersive learning and meditation, traditionally in the martial arts and Buddhism. The Japanese term literally means "place () of the Way ()." Bruce Lee was master of the mats, self-defense and Eastern philosophy, which included zazen or sitting meditation.

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