Monday, August 5, 2019

Epstein's plan to impregnate girls (video) (RT America, youtube); Seth Auberon, Pfc. Sandoval (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Jeffrey Epstein’s plan to impregnate 20 kids
(RT America, Aug. 1, 2019) Acquaintances of Jeffrey Epstein say that he had a disturbing desire to father countless children in a narcissistic American eugenics experiment. He wanted to turn his sprawling Midwestern ranch into a “baby factory” with as many as 20 girls kept concurrently pregnant. Meanwhile, a federal appeals court placed obstacles in Epstein’s hope of a cushy “house arrest” treatment after his bail was denied and Virginia Roberts has spoken in more detail about her alleged abuse at the hands of Jeffrey Epstein and his circle. RT America’s Michele Greenstein and Rick Sanchez discuss the latest from the Epstein saga.

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