Saturday, August 24, 2019

What men want (audio)

Cunning Linguist, Master Debater, Rich Broadcaster Tom Leykis ( via Words of the Wise (; Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells, CC Liu (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Tom Leykis drops truth bomb on female caller
Tom Leykis via Words of the Wise, April 14, 2019
Failed L.A. radio host and amoral atheist and unattractive Tom Leykis drops some deadly "truth bombs" on a female caller as she hesitantly but eventually accepts the reality of the nature of human men.

Leykis has something to say about the nature of human women as well, which she also accepts. It's sad, but that's not to say it's untrue. It's true, and it's sad. Rather than killing the messenger, who's a jerk and vulgar, maybe we should begin to behave differently. All of us.

Remember The Rules (a guide to how to get a guy to marry you)? Were women offended by that? Leykis is teaching men how to get unmarried sex. So anyone who argues from one position without considering the other person's position is speaking at cross-purposes, a frequent theme of the radio show.

Men are not proud of this, at least not all men. But if it is advice that works for dating (dating = making love), that's why listeners are listening. Send complaint letters to our resident love expert at "Attention Editor Ashley Wells."
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