Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Moorish, African slaves in Spain's Florida

Anthony Hazard (TED-Ed, 12/22/14); Univ. of Central Florida Professor Rosalyn Howard via oclsvideos, 2/13/13; Xochitl, Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly

The Atlantic slave trade: What too few textbooks tell us
(TED-Ed) European Christians have enslaved each other and others for centuries. Slavery itself has occurred in many forms throughout the world for a long time. But the Atlantic slave trade -- which is thought to have forcibly brought more than 10 million Africans to the Americas [though other theories say that the blacks enslaved in the America were from the Americas, taken into chattel slavery (made property) and killed along with other Native Americans] -- stands out for both its global scale and its lasting legacy. Anthony Hazard discusses the historical, economic, and personal impact of this massive historical injustice. Animation by NEIGHBOR.

The African presence in Spanish Florida
Dr. Rosalyn Howard, associate professor of anthropology at the University of Central Florida, traces the journey to freedom of a group of 19th century former slaves from their home in the black Seminole town of Angola to a haven in Red Bays, Bahamas, where their ancestors still live.

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