Friday, June 19, 2009

Jesus in Kashmir, India (BBC)

Did Jesus die on the cross or live on in India? This BBC World documentary explores the facts (with subtitles by Sarmad Ahmad).

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Footage from an intrepid traveler to India of the actual Tomb of Jesus, now revered by Hindus and protected by a sect of Muslims.

View the tomb of Jesus in Kashmir, which Kashmiris some Biblical scholars believe to be that of Jesus of Nazareth. This herky-jerky hi-8 video was shot in 1997 with almost no narration.

It is simply a view of the tomb, the interior of which is now off-limits to foreigners. Yuz Asaph (to Muslims, Yus Assaf and to Indians, Saint Issa) is a revered holy man said to have traveled from Israel. He was finally put to rest here over 1900 years ago. Having survived the crucifixion with help and escaped back to India where he had not only studied for 18 years but gone in search of Lost Tribes of the Israel. (Apparently, Jews are only one of the Biblical tribes). Interestingly, many Kashmiris share the DNA of Israelites.

Moreover, footprint carvings (a common expression of adoration in Buddhism and other Eastern religions) were left in the tomb. They indicate that the saint they represent had scars on both of his feet. There is also found a rosary (Indian mala) and a cross. See many photos of this tomb at

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