Friday, June 19, 2009

"Burma Video Journalist" (movie review)

"Burma VJ" shows the uprising in Myanmar through the cameras of independent journalists (Oscilloscope Laboratories & HBO Documentary Films).

(Ty Burr, Boston Globe) To watch the riveting documentary “Burma VJ’’ at the precise moment when the upheaval over Iran’s election is playing out in the news is a giddy, distressing deja vu experience. Here’s a film about the late-summer 2007 uprisings [the "Saffron Revolution"] in Myanmar, one of the most brutally controlled countries on the planet, cobbled together from video and cellphone camera footage, tape recordings, and phone calls.

The movie presents reportage as de facto resistance, bearing witness as an act of insurrection. The generals who rule the country share this view: If you are seen videotaping on the streets of Rangoon, you will disappear. “Burma VJ’’ comes from the Dutch filmmaker Anders Ostergaard, but its subjects are the journalists of the Democratic Voice of Burma, anonymous local heroes whose faces... More>>

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