Saturday, October 24, 2009

Exotic Adventure Travel

From the tropics to hidden China to Antarctica, the ends of the Earth, there's an entire world of travel waiting for intrepid American adventurers. Join WQ at one or more of these locations.

Thai Buddhist tra-vel: Buddhism is the national reli-gion of Thailand, practiced by 90% of the population. Theravada Buddhism, which has preserved the Buddha's original doctrine and traditions, came from India by way of Sri Lanka, Burma, and other Southeast Asian countries. It is Thailand's national treasure as distinct from Mahayana, a later school popular in China and Japan. Monks and golden monasteries are an everyday fixture in Thai society, with tropical natural wonders that are hard to match anywhere. More>> (

The Yungang grottoes were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. Located at the southern foot of China's Wuzhou Mountain (16 km west of Datong City, Shanxi province), the Yungang grottoes are one of the three major cave clusters in China, along with the Longmen in Luoyang and the Mogao in Dunhuang.
The Yungang grottoes, with 252 caves and 51,000 statues, represent an outstanding achievement in Buddhist cave art in China. The Five Caves created by Tan Yao, with their strict unity of layout and design, constitute a classical masterpiece during the first peak of Chinese Buddhist art.

Cave 20, one of the five earliest caves by the Mahayana monk Tan Yao, houses a sitting statute of Sakyamuni, the historical Buddha. It is 13.7 meters high with a full, round face, majestic smile, slim lips, a high nose, ears that extend almost to the shoulders, radiant eyes, and broad shoulders.

( Journey to the Bottom of the Earth. This Time Travel adventure will set sail on Jan. 4, 2010 to one of the least explored continents, Antarctica ( Rates include all but air transportation. This is a culmination of Stewart Swerdlow's years of research. Join him as he visits the last continent on his itinerary.
  • Learn and scan the 4th Reich under Antarctica
  • US military and alien bases
  • Ancient cities and artifacts
  • Sources of ELF bombardment at the magnetic South Pole

There will be many guided exercises to determine attendants' roles in the Antarctic puzzle, connections to the 4th Reich and Antarctica mind-control and programming and how to undo it. Part of the three volume series True World History. More>>