Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Results of Virtue (sila)

Ven. Nyanatiloka (translation of AN 10.1 in Path to Deliverance, pp. 65-66)

[Ananda asked the Buddha:] "What, O Venerable One, is the re[sult] and blessing of wholesome conduct [sila]?"

"Freedom from remorse, Ananda."

"And of freedom from remorse?"

"Joy, Ananda"

"And of joy?"

"Rapture, Ananda"

"And of rapture?"

"Tranquility, Ananda."

"And of tranquility?"

"Happiness, Ananda."

"And of happiness?"

"Concentration, Ananda."

"And of concentration?"

"Knowledge and vision according to reality."

"And of the knowledge and vision according to reality?"

"Turning away and detachment, Ananda."

"And of turning away and detachment?"

"The knowledge and vision with regard to Deliverance, Ananda."

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