Friday, October 25, 2013

"Neurons to Nirvana" (video)

Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly; Pacifica, Los Angeles (, Berkeley (

NEURONS TO NIRVANA: UNDERSTANDING PSYCHEDELIC MEDICINES looks at ancient medicinals, new molecules, interviews with researchers in neurochemistry, neurotheology, shamanism, and psychotherapy. Ayahuasca (daime, natema), LSD (acid), cannabis (marijuana), psilocybin (magic mushrooms), MDMA (ecstasy) are all potent tools for getting to know who we are, who we can be, and for healing the trauma of a society that is addicted to greed and consumerism. This DVD is being offered for a $120 support pledge to Pacifica Radio, the last free speech station (network) on the dial. 

This is a look at "ancient medicines" from researchers at universities such as John Hopkins, UCLA, and NYU. In this new age such a film can be powered by the people. See how astounding plants, alkaloids, and molecules can transform us and help liberate us from ignorance and repression. As a collective civilization and as individual persons, we can no longer afford to lose the lessons plant spirits (bhumi-devas) can reveal. "Neurons 2 Nirvana" dares to break the taboo surrounding ENTHEOGENS, psychedelics, and plant examining and revealing their potential to alleviate suffering and heal on a global scale.

Dhr. Seven, Amber Larson, Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)
The Buddha reclining into final nirvana on a pyramid pillow, Thailand (Hezbunch/flickr)
Happy Hotei (Ericmichel_def/
The Sanskrit term nirvana is used here in its non-technical sense of "the best thing," ultimate bliss or unending happiness.

In fact, actual nirvana ("the end of all rebirth and suffering") cannot be brought about by any chemical (even exogenous DMT, the Spirit Molecule) but only by liberating-insight. Its realization comes about from the wisdom-and-compassion of a penetrating vision of things as they truly are: radically impermanent, impersonal, and unsatisfactory.

Be kind to your brain/mind/heart
This quickening is brought about -- not by chance, random epiphany, or drug experiences -- but through systematic meditative contemplation of the 12 links of Dependent Origination to bring about insight assisted by the deep serenity and purification that follow the meditative absorptions (zens, samadhis, dhyanas, or jhanas). 
Nirvana is much more than a blissful "trip." It is the joyful solution to all problems. Neurons, of course, are the physical base of our conscious experience, brain cells found throughout the gut, heart, and the mass of grey batter matter between the ears.

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