Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Los Angeles Sheriff leaving office

Pfc. Sandoval, Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; Los Angeles Times
Did Baca foster a culture of racism, sexism, anti-semitism? There was no anti-semitism.
Bye-bye, Baca! Shot yourself in the foot or the
Los Angeles' lead torturer of those being held for trial in the Los Angeles jail system, Sheriff Lee Baca, is baling out. He was set to run for a fifth term in a position where the incumbent wins most of the time. But on the night of Jan. 6th, it was being announced that he would be stepping down. Speculation was that he would be charged with major felonies -- as 18 of his deputies were recently arrested in an FBI investigation of abuses in the Sheriff's office -- and Baca did not want to be bogged down with a losing reelection campaign. His vague excuses for getting out as fast as he can, after two week's notice, is reminiscent of the former Turncoat-Pope (Benedict) avoiding arrest on molestation cover-up and major bank fraud charges. Did the FBI cut a deal with him in secret? "Get out of Dodge and we'll look the other way. Otherwise, there's a coach leaving at noon; be under it"? It's possible. Disgraced Baca is getting out while the gettin's good. 

I didn't murder them myself. And I quit! (LAT)
Only he knows what he's hiding. And only he knows how many detainees awaiting their day in court, mentally ill convicts, non mentally ill prisoners, or the growing number of innocents pressured to agree to plea deals to avoid unfair prosecution and draconian sentences were tortured, summarily executed (in murders labelled "suicides" or "accidents" after excessive force beatings). 

There was one time when the new Sheriff's deputies, all of whom begin their careers as jail guards, were being too sloppy about concealing their beatings of suspects and detainees. The Sheriff was pressed, and he said there were cameras throughout the jail. They were later found in a derelict office still in boxes. Oops, the Sheriff said. That is the kind of leadership unincorporated L.A. has been suffering under in police executions ("officer-involved shootings") and jail torture cases. Will he really retire quietly basting in remorse? Or can the world expect to see him picked up by a global "security" firm like former LAPD Chief Bratton, who then went on to be rehired by the NYPD?

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