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Mass Arrests, Mystery Desert Lake... (video)

Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon, Dhr. Seven, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; Int'l Business Times; via; David Wilcock NEWS OF THE WORLD

Craving is the cause of rebirth again and again
As we all know by now, "There will be coffins when you and I die, no consecrated ground, no sin to end all sin and angels with scorched wings, and if the thought of it stings, sorry, God, there's be no coffins, just bloody jellies, no coffins, just bloodies." At least that was what the British vegan anarcho punk band Rudimentary Peni sang in a Crass anarchist commune when the bands were vibrant and creative.

"Glance at the nice town. See the war plan it owns. There'll be mass graves, so I want my death grant, 30 pounds in advance. Buy now; don't leave to chance. At least it's the final kill -- no coffins, just bloody jellies, no coffins, just bloody jellies. This, their creation to purify the planet, a new beginning. No, it's not destruction!"

They were being ironic, but look how true it is for Palestine, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Tibet, the U.S. border, Libya, Sierra Leone, and countless other places the CIA and U.S. military-industrial complex (with Israel as the world's biggest joint weapons dealers with the U.S.) Before the mass deaths, there will be mass arrests. It's already started as Professors Dr. Michelle Alexander, Dr. Joyce DeGruy (who shows how we are ALL suffering from Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome), Dr. Ilan Pappe (who is brave enough to call what Israel is doing to Palestinians "incremental genocide"), Dr. Gerald Horne... reveal. This is the age of mass incarceration that touts itself as an age of colorblindness.
Israel is conducting a genocide
(David Wilcock/Edgar Cayce, May 2014) The Illuminati has a plan for a "new world order" and it may be coming in 2014: Millions can die if nothing is done by humans, other earthlings, and "angels" (celestial devas). Feel free to share this video. (Special thanks to StormsCloudsGathering for giving Wilcock permission to use some of their film clips). There are solutions and no need for despair. See links.

Gafsa Beach: lake discovered in desert
A mystery lake appeared out of nowhere in Tunisia. It was discovered by shepherds in Gafsa. But is the water radioactive? Some say it is a miracle, while others are calling it a curse. In a drought-stricken region of Tunisia last month, a lake is being hailed a miracle by locals. About three weeks ago local shepherds discovered the large body of water along the Om Larayes Rd., about 25 km from the southern Tunisian city of Gafsa. Since then hundreds of people have flocked to the oasis-like formation dubbed Lac de Gafsa “Gafsa Beach.” Families swim there, youths leap from surrounding rocks into its clear waters. More
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