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LA Police Dept. kills, Ferguson burns (cartoon)

Pat Macpherson, Ashley Wells, Pfc. Sandoval, Sheldon S., Wisdom Quarterly; Tom Tomorrow (This Modern World); Branden Caldwell (dayandadream); Earl Ofari Hutchinson
"Officer Friendly, why are you dressed like Darth Vader?" (*
Our tax money funds all U.S. imperial wars. It's about time the military-industrial complex bring the equipment/tactics back and use them on US from Ferguson to L.A. (
Words from Malcolm X in 1964 still resonate in 2014 for Michael Brown, Renisha McBride, Trayvon Martin, Ezell Ford, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Amadou Diallo, Abner Louima, Steve Biko, Eleanor Bumpurs, Michael Strewart, Rodney King, and for all the names we don’t know. #WeAreTargets #HandsUp #DontShoot (cashmerethoughtsss/

C'mon, Brown (
It's easy when the U.S.-backed Israeli government is committing war crimes, crimes against humanity, and other assorted atrocities to blame "Jews."

If we were Trayvon Martin then, we're Michael Brown now!

But there are a few who are not to blame -- brave individuals who stand up, speak truth to power, shout "Not in my name!" and work for peace and equity -- and so it is better not to cast the net so wide as to seem to be blaming someone for something just because of their religious/cultural baggage. (Take CODEPINK/, for example, or IJAN/

Ferguson father on police brutality (DAAD)
The same is true of P.D.-backed police agents committing civilian crimes, crimes against humanity, and other small-scale atrocities.
To blame "cops" casts the blame a little too widely, as if all of them were to blame.

Granted, they are mostly all corrupted -- at least a little bit:

Riot to full mili (
They are insofar as they are engaged in criminal conspiracies, protecting other criminal-cops behind a "code of silence," roughing up "undesirables" who can't do anything about it, and generally shirking their oaths to obey and enforce all laws rather than picking and choosing which ones to break and which to enforce, singling out certain races or groups for enhanced enforcement, and breaking laws left and right knowing that no one is going to hold them to account unless they fall afoul of the BIB (Boys in Blue) gang or the Police Protective League, with sub-gangs being their racist cliques, fellow union members, the Brass, you know, the guys down at the station...

Killing Ezell Ford: Police commission leader says LAPD, MO slayings not comparable
Hands up, don't shoot (TMW)
It is amazing to find even one good cop. Of course, the majority of police seem good, very nice, respectful, honest, conscientious -- well, not behind the scenes when they don't think anyone is looking, but up front when they feel someone is paying attention. Most police we've ever met seemed like fine people, hardly the monsters that show up on TV, in court, on the streets swinging batons with glee and impunity. Now we see that they have triggers, thresholds, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde buttons that can be pushed then, stand back, sociopath in the room!

As L.A gathers to march on LAPD HQ on Sunday, Aug. 17, 2014, maybe you should call Brother Sergeant De Lacy Davis to intervene, educate, and retrain abusive cops (973) 926-5717.
Black Cops Against Police Brutality (
But back to the few, the proud, the honorable. Look at this organization, "Black Cops Against Police Brutality" ( It's amazing. The founder not only admits what police are really like, he knows it from first hand experience, and still talks about it. (He must be off the force because the Men in Blue would kill him otherwise; no one breaks the code of silence, the wall of conspiracy where crimes are planned, carried out, and covered up with a wink and a nod. It's gotten so bad that the Internal Affairs officers leak the names of tattletales to officers being exposed so that they can close out the investigations themselves in a way that Stalin would approve of, "No person no problem" or as our Stalins in America like to say, "Dead men tell no tales [or at least give no credible court testimony]."

*THE CARTOON: (TMW) The first draft of this "Officer Friendly" cartoon was actually written a month ago, inspired by this ACLU report and this New York Times article. [Tom Tomorrow] was saving it as a backup for some upcoming travel, but timing is everything, and as the events in Ferguson began to unfold, this went from evergreen to needing to be posted as soon as possible.

Aren't President Obama's words beautiful? He dissembles so elegantly. He addressed the "situation" in Ferguson: No one should disobey police and, of course, police probably should not, you know, kill unarmed teens or arrest reporters doing their job bringing us the news... It reminds one of the time he admitted to and authorized more U.S. torture. No one noticed.
Officer Friendly get militarized (TMW)
Add the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. to the recent [and yet long running] string of unnecessary [murders] at the hands of the police.
The Missouri teen was gunned down by an officer early Saturday afternoon. His grandmother discovered his body sprawled along the pavement minutes before he was set to return home from the store. Reports vary...

[Why would] police [want] to open fire on the boy? [It's] believed that police were called to the area looking for someone who had shoplifted from a store in the area. [But as the police chief has clarified that the murderer, Officer Daren Wilson, did not know of any such crime at the time he shot the victim in the back. Officer Wilson was merely harassing unarmed teen Michael Brown for walking off the sidewalk.]

Might there be racism on the force or in the courts? (Ezelle Ford/tumblr)

Brown, whose body laid in the street for several minutes before it was even covered by authorities, was unarmed. [He had his hands up, he was moving away, he apparently said, "Don't shoot" implying that he posed no threat whatsoever.]
Louis Head, Brown's stepfather, immediately wrote on a sign, "FERGUSON POLICE JUST EXECUTED MY UNARMED SON." There were chants from a crowd of onlookers who protested the boy's death and the [unjustified] actions of the police. The move, along with unconfirmed reports [useful as a pretext] of shots in the crowd, led to authorities from surrounding areas to assist. By the time a crowd had gathered to march down to the police station in Ferguson, police had mobilized in tanks and held dogs to try and combat any potential unrest in the area.

We're gonna bring this war home (Kemi Filani)
[NOTE: The reason they were likely so quick to deploy their arsenal is that the government program that armed them can rescind the weapons on loan if they are not used, which encourages use, abuse, and any excuse to bring out the big guns. It leads to the militarization of civilian policing, not accidentally but apparently by design. Why else would the federal government purchase so much ammunition, millions of rounds, to arm each of its agencies, most of which have no enforcement arm?] More
Protests return to Ferguson over cover up
A Disturbing Pattern
Why it’s nearly impossible to nail cops for using deadly force 
Earl Ofari Hutchinson (, Aug. 14, 2014)
A Disturbing  Pattern
Unarmed victim Michael Brown, 18
Mike Brown is the latest name on the growing list of victims of brazen overuse of deadly force by cops. The 18-year-old Brown had his hands raised when he was gunned down by a Ferguson, Mo., police officer after a stop. Brown fit the usual pattern of those killed. In almost all cases the victims are unarmed and not accused of committing a crime. Their killings also occur in broad daylight and with witnesses present.

Source: NY Times
S. Africa's tragic anniversary
Another part of this familiar and deeply disturbing pattern is that they are young African Americans or Latinos. The officers who commit these deadly acts are placed on paid administrative leave, and police officials, when confronted with demands from civil rights and community leaders for an investigation, make solemn promises to do just that. They assure us their investigations will be thorough and impartial. That’s the start of the problem. More

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