Friday, August 1, 2014

Psychedelic Rock at The Terrace (Family Guy)

Erik Morgan (Collective Consciousness), Anonymous, Dev, Wisdom Quarterly
The earthbound "fairies" (bhumi-devas) have their own special instruments (CC).
We're looking for bands to book for psychedelic rock in Pasadena (in the foothill area of Los Angeles) on Thursday nights at The Terrace (next door to the Pacific Asia Museum and its many Buddhist exhibits) on Colorado Blvd. at Los Robles Ave.
Collective Consciousness
We want bands that will bring a lot of friends so that everyone's circles and musical creations can connect into a collective of memories and new friendships, coming together and forming greater networks between everyone in SoCal sharing in this beautiful collective consciousness. Infinite heart vibrations connect us.
The devas' music
Hey, Erik, can the Wisdom Quarterly house band audition? We only have two songs -- "Noble Indian Chief" and "Do Her" -- so far but lots of hipster/hippie friends and fans. Granted the songs are covers paying homage to Peter and Lois Griffin of "Family Guy" fame. We're called "Handful of Amber," psychedelic death metal/vegan grindcore, pro-entheogen, lute/harp music. Well, here, have a look:

(Family Guy) Peter and Lois are a "Handful of Peter" performing "Do Her" while baked on entheogenic cannabis, which does not end up helping their music or public performance.

Pacific Asia Museum
Fusion Fridays, Chinese and Mexicans return to America (

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