Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Supernatural in Catholicism: Pope visits U.S.

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly; John Thavis, Larry Mantle (SCPR); AP
Erect stamens welcome CEO of the Holy Roman Empire's Catholic missionary arm (AP).
I will now ritually kill this magic sin-cleaning chicken in the name of our one true God (aka "Love") for the glory of Israel and the destruction of our damn Palestinian neighbors! (AP)
The Dark Lord briefs politicians on plans for world domination (South Park).

(Vigilant Christian) Mark calls Pope Francis a liar and false prophet, condemning the world's largest religion (Catholicism or "Universalism") that appropriates the best ideas and traditions from other religions. Then it builds a monument using its imperial booty to build a corporate capital (capitol, the Vatican, in a minuscule country in the middle of Rome, the Holy Roman Empire's church, the Holy See) from which it extends its tentacles and rules the world hand-in-hand with military forces from the U.S., Europe, and various European colonies. Mark, why are most Republican candidates and FOX News hosts Catholic now?
All a distraction to select Jeb Bush for ruler.
It is funny to see Christians fighting Christians saying, "You're not Christian enough, you Catholic!" or "Your Church is the Whore of Babylon!" or "Your Pope is the Antichrist!" or "Your fundamentalist right-wing of the Republican party is destroying this country!" or hearing Bible quotes out of context to promote hate and division, rancor and self-righteousness. What would good Jesus (Issa) do?

The one true God, Odin as Zeus as YHWH...
The end of the world is coming (after all, the world is always ending, and individuals are always exiting), so why not get right with karma or Brahman or the loftiest beliefs we profess? No, as Americans we want war! It's the war against the devil. It's the war against drugs. It's the war against liberals.

Gay Christian Republican, hypocrite (AP)
It's war, war, war as we conquer the world for capitalism while claiming to be fighting for freedom (of trade) and a free market. Let's look at that troublesome "book" -- a collection of many disparate teachings fashioned together by a murderous emperor, "Saint" Constantine, to strengthen his empire and satisfy his imperial ambitions. 

Meet the man/woman God wants for you!
Good teachings held over from Sumerian times, preserved by Bedouin tribes, Hebrews, Palestinians, Jews, Philistines, Samaritans, and other war-like desert tribal peoples continue to be perverted in the service of war and militarism for the greater glory of their tribal "God," who in the Bible is actually always plural, many gods, mostly violent, angry, and jealous like visiting space alien groups claiming to be the One True Group of gods.

God: say no to feminism
Fight on, foolish Christian soldiers, fight on. Then maybe when you are "reborn" you will see that fighting was not the way. For as Rudimentary Peni says:

"When the dust has settled and you're born again, maybe as a Martian church, maybe then you'll see that your reality was squashed into banality, was squashed into banality, was squashed into banality. When you are a Martian church, aaahh, when you are a Martian church, aaahh..."

Who wrote the Bible and why?
(KPBS.org via Eleonora Mazzanti) "The Bible's Buried Secrets"
The Supernatural in Catholicism
On eve of Pope Francis' U.S. visit, a Vatican insider examines the church’s quest to remain relevant
John Thavis, host Larry Mantle (SCPR, KPCC, Sept. 21, 2015); CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly
The best pope in decades visits Cuba and is received like a rock star (AP pool).
But "who am I to judge?" - Pope Francis
Supernatural miracles aren't what they used to be. The modern world demands explanations, urging the Catholic Church to evolve its criteria to legitimize supernatural occurrences.

With over one billion Catholics worldwide, how does the church stay relevant when so much of its history depends on faith in inexplicable events [and a horrific trail of blood and imperial conquest]?
In his book, The Vatican Prophecies: Investigating Supernatural Signs, Apparitions, and Miracles in the Modern Age (Viking, 2015), John Thavis explores the church’s ongoing battle to justify its beliefs in the mystical world of Catholicism and the public’s intellectual “thirst for something more tangible.”
Hey, sorry about the raping and killing!
As former Rome bureau chief of the Catholic News Service, Thavis gives readers an inside look at one of the most powerful and clandestine religious institutions just in time for Pope Francis' visit to the U.S.
Has the church's stance on supernatural occurrences evolved? What are we to think: Belief versus intellectual spirituality? More+AUDIO
Let's revive the Holy Roman Empire and its Nazi-style fanfare and Roman psy-ops for some old time religion! Let's begin our re-conquest with America! (Tony Gentile/Pool/AP).

Pope Francis wanted to begin his current visit to America in Mexico and enter the U.S. like Jesus on a white donkey or a poor migrant, but the U.S. wouldn't let him, so he has come through Cuba because the U.S. couldn't stop him.

I'd rather follow the Goddess Mary (ZF).
[Pope] Francis said in his homily at an outdoor Mass in Holguin that the houses deserve a "special mention" for helping to maintain the faith "despite the scarcity of churches and priests."

The [imperialist Catholic] church was barred from building new houses of worship for years after Fidel Castro's 1959 revolution turned Cuba into a communist state. Many priests were expelled from the country...

Today there are some 2,600 mission houses in Cuba... Church-State tensions have eased since the 1990s... More from mainstream AP

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