Monday, November 7, 2016

Bernie in LA: no mention of "Hillary Clinton"

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I know I sold you all out, but I'm going to make up for it with my new nonprofit (NPQ).

New book and Sanders' new nonprofit
So our erstwhile hero and Clinton foe, Sen. Bernie Sanders, was in Los Angeles today to deliver a speech on lowering pharmaceutical -- from the Greek pharmakos, or "sorcery," the great crime of Sodom and Gomorrah -- prices. He's not opposed to deadly allopathic drugs. He just wants them to be cheaper. Vote yes on Prop. 61.

The nurses asked him to say so. But the two words he never mentioned, no, not once were Hillary or Clinton. And now he has that book, Our Revolution that comes out Nov. 15th with a national book tour. Whose revolution, Bernie?

"Bernie's Plan B: Follow Me to Hillary" was a slogan too potent to have us signing on to anything the good senator has to offer. If he can't stand up to the Clinton Dynasty and all its Democratic minions, what use is he as an exemplar or leader? We'd rather follow Kucinich. Where in the world is Kucinich?! (He's working at FOX News). Well, never mind then.

Our revolution? (
There were two revolutions, groundswell support for Sanders and for Trump. Nobody cared about Jeb Bush or over-the-Hill Clinton, an insider has-been. But Hillary undermined him and stole the primary so that she could steal the election. Will she be able to overcome the other groundswell? Probably. Why?

All votes nationwide are counted in New York. No one needs to tamper with votes or voting machines in the field, which they do thanks to voting machines built to be tampered with. The powers that be can control everything in the final count in the Big Apple with no paper trail to contradict them.

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