Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election: Trump, voting third party (video)

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The Green Party, the best third party we have today, only needs 5% to "win"!
Watch the fake and dramatized "horse race" at: ill2016.com/finalstretch

Police state starts on reservations
From Occupy Wall Street to NoDAPL (No Dakota Access Pipe Line): Contribute to the Revolution! The political revolution to create a just and compassionate society requires we all get involved and contribute. Donate what you can, whether it's #29forStein or $2,700! at jill2016.com/donate.

Why vote third party, why Green
    Hillary robbed Bernie Sanders.
  1. Tell your friends what 5 percent gets the Green Party!
  2. Our campaign is funded by YOU. Max out your campaign contributions at $2,700...or consider giving $29 for Stein.
  3. Set up a personal fundraising page and ask friends to contribute to help you get a phone call from Jill!
  4. Pledge your vote for Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka.
  5. Organize local events for volunteers! Post them in local social media groups and let your state coordinators know, too. More

WATCH THE 2016 ELECTION (UPSET) LIVE: democracynow.org
Erratic, loose canon Trump crushes it! Racist Sheriff Arpaio ousted (rawstory.com)

(InfoWars) Raving alarmist with occasional good insider sources Alex Jones

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