Friday, June 28, 2019

How to stop identifying with thinking mind

Eckhart Tolle via GuruMIX, Sep. 1, 2018; Amber Larson, Crystal Q., Wisdom Quarterly

How can we break (sever) or at least brake (stop) the habitual identification with the thinking mind? This is important, the most important thing in our life, for peace of mind. How shall we not be trapped in the merely personal story of our life? Here is one very effective way.

(Wisdom 2.0) Eckhart Tolle leads a present moment meditation

Roy York adds: If a person gets to the point where s/he prefers "silence" instead of troublesome thoughts then it becomes much easier to hold attention on the silent intervals between each thought until they grow longer then become fixed as our natural grounded state. Everyday life thereby becomes much lighter and peaceful.

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