Friday, July 18, 2008

Heavy metal Monk wows fans

Rock Music with a better Message? (Reuters, July 17, 2008) -- 62-year-old Italian Capuchin Friar Cesare Bonizzi is no ordinary heavy metal rocker. Brother Cesare is better known among Italian heavy metal fans by his nom de rock, Fratello Metallo ("Brother Metal"). Describing himself as a ''preacher-singer," Brother Metal has been singing for over a decade and has just released his 18th album.
Street-protesting Monks defy Government (Burma, China, Tibet, Nepal, Thailand...)

Western interests in Burma contribute to the oppression of its people

(George Monbiot, Guardian, 10/02/07)

...Explaining his company's decision to pull out of the country, the CEO of Reebok noted that "it's impossible to conduct business in Burma without supporting this regime. In fact, the junta's core funding derives from foreign investment and trade."

As the junta either controls or takes a cut from most of the economy, and as almost half the tax foreign business generates is used to buy arms, any company working in Burma is helping to oppress the people.

The travel firms Asean Explorer and Pettitts, which take British tourists round the country in defiance of Aung San Suu Kyi's pleas, both refused to comment... Read more

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