Thursday, July 31, 2008

Karma Quiz

Nyanaponika Thera (Questions based on "Karma and its Fruit")

QUESTIONS (Section I.)
  1. Which relationship is emphasized and which rarely noted in most works on karma?
  2. What metaphor best describes the result of karma (action)?
  3. Why is it possible to be liberated from the cycle of suffering?
  4. What two things determine the result of any karmic action?
  5. What effects can a particular type of established karma have on the result of an action?
  6. Since karmic results are not instant, what can happen during the delay?
  7. Where does karma issue?
  1. How will the virtues of an individual affect the results of his/her karma (actions)?
  2. Differentiate between the effects of karma on one without virtue and one with.
  3. According to the Buddha’s example, a cup of water or the Ganges river = _______ while a lump of salt = _______.
  4. According to the Buddha, what two things affect the karmic result?
  1. What can a single mistake cause even to a person with blameless character?
  2. Why such a seemingly disproportionate crisis?
  3. An initial mistake can be reinforced by ______ and in this case _______________ .
  4. Do all of these ideas work in reverse?
  5. What do these complex situations mirror?
  6. How is the complexity of the mind increased?
  7. What keeps the road to liberation constantly open?
  1. What is the negative side to the potential “openness” of a given situation?
  2. What can one use to grasp a moment in which to make a wise choice?
  3. While not directly discussed in essay, Will a human be able to rise from suffering with a clouded mind, and what types of things cloud it?

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