Monday, December 14, 2009

Bigfoot photographed by automatic camera

Bigfoot in Minnesota? Trail cam snaps pic of Sasquatch-like figure (Peter Kedrowski).

Hunters' camera captures image some say resembles legendary Bigfoot. Casey Kedrowski said he's always considered himself a skeptical sort of person. But an image captured by a trail camera in the woods of northern Minnesota has left him scratching his head.

In October, Kedrowski, 20, and his brother Peter, 30, set up a motion-activated camera to take pictures of deer near their family's hunting shack near Chippewa National Forest, near Remer, Minnesota. But when they pulled out the camera's memory card and took a look at the images, they couldn't believe their eyes.

Among the photos of ordinary Minnesota wildlife was an image of a tall, hunched figure resembling Bigfoot, or Sasquatch [or Yeti, Yakkha, Rakshasa in Buddhist lore], the legendary half-man, half-ape creature.

"This came up and we both kind of looked at each other and said, 'Is this you?'" said Casey Kedrowski, a sophomore at St. Cloud State University. Both brothers thought the other had staged a hoax. "I thought it was him and he thought it was me," Casey said. More>>

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