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God takes back Oral

Ashley Wells (Wisdom Quarterly, 12/16/09)

Obama to investment guru Buffett: Hi cuz
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama, who won political support and has sought advice from investment guru Warren Buffett, may now feel even closer to the world's second richest man. According to their family trees the two men, who at times shared the stage together during the 2008 presidential campaign, are seventh cousins three times removed. Genealogists at ancestry.com announced that Obama and Buffett are related through a 17th century Frenchman named Mareen Duvall. More>>

(Wisdom Quarterly) It's been a tough month. The world saw Obama's true colors, camouflage green and gray, as he sent even more troops into an unpopular "war." (It's more "wholesale massacre" and carpet bombing, with space-age drones as the new twist to replace Vietnam-era agent orange). Some people believe [Annunaki] bloodlines are crucial to ruling the world.

Of course, it's all "crazy talk." But this is an ancient belief, particularly in Afghanistan and India, which says Reptilians (Nagas) are the true rulers of this world -- and they do it by proxy. So genes are important. Buddhist texts frequently mention "Dragon-Kings" (naga rajas), who are now thought of as mythological or semi-human hybrids. Good thing African-American Obama has no such genes...oh, wait a minute. He's related to Dick Cheney, and now we find he's also linked to one of the world's most prominent movers and shakers, Warren Buffett.

Obama's announcement that he would be escalating the war came ludicrously close to accepting his Nobel Peace Prize. But that he did both should not confuse anyone. Why? One of the world's worst killers is former US Secretary of State and National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger -- a good friend, personal confidante, and political advisor of Obama's.

Interestingly, and it's probably just a coincidence, Kissinger "won" the Nobel Peace Prize -- even as he was overseeing the escalation of the US war on Vietnam. (Again, not so much a "war" as a massacre, a carpet bombing escapade that secretly and illegally included adjacent countries; today it's Pakistan and Iran, but back then it was Laos and Cambodia. Because as we patrol the world, and Kissinger gets the long awaited NWO, we've got to keep everybody in line, and if that can be done covertly, all the better).

God (the working out of karma) is funny that way. "The true gods of this world are hybrids" (Reptilian-humans) according to anthropologist Michael J. Harner. But this is only information derived from mystical sources. It is not that it is true. Instead, it seems there are unseen being who regard themselves as the rulers here, then as now. The Buddha was frequently confronted by Nagas and Maras (spiritual "killers") who seemed convinced of their superiority relative to humans on Earth, when we humans (then as now) regard ourselves as supreme here.

Yet, clearly, someone is ruling us by proxy. It's only a nominally democratic planet. The Naga Kings continue to shape the agenda and move the world to the majority's disadvantage. If rulership is transdimensional, occupying (i.e., possessing) humans to rule when their actions are completely out of character, it makes more sense. How is Clinton, not our current secretary of state but our former president, to be understood for his odd behavior? But, of course, all this is crazy talk. No one does nothing, and all is just as it seems. "God [karma] works in mysterious ways." And so the world has lost Oral Roberts.

Televangelist Oral Roberts dies of pneumonia
Oral Roberts, the evangelist who went from tent revivals to life as a television preacher and healer, building a multimillion-dollar Christian ministry and Oral Roberts University, has died, aged 91.

Harassment across Arab world drives women inside(AP)

They don't like it in America or anywhere else either. It becomes a form of social control. Just as American soldiers are fond of raping (foreigners and, moreover, fellow US soldiers), civilians around the world oppress women in more subtle ways. The threat of sexual attack, the prospect of being bothered, the probability of being harassed, it all has a detrimental effect on women around the world.

How to rule India: Break India into more pieces to govern it efficiently? That's the plan as a new Indian state is carved out of others. Smaller states and more of them to control the second largest population in the world (at over 1.2 billion) seems to be the direction the home of Buddhism is moving in.

Kissinger's fantasy is Obama's reality
(Dec. 11. 2009) Perhaps Zakaria means that Obama is a "realist" in the same way as Henry Kissinger was praised as one, doggedly pursuing "national interests" through the... (guardian.co.uk‎).

History shows the way for Obama in Afghanistan
(‎Dec 14, 2009‎) At the time US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger sent a letter to pro-American ally and leader of Cambodia, Sirik Matak. The letter offered to evacuate our... (Examiner.com).

High Noon in the White House

Ignoble Prize
(‎Dec. 16, 2009‎) In 1973, Dr. Henry Kissinger was chosen for the honor for plotting 9/11 in Chile. If Osama ben Laden has not been considered worthy enough to pay Oslo a... (The News International).

Obama's War and Peace
(‎Dec 16, 2009‎) ...all: the 1973 award to Henry Kissinger who was responsible for a decade of continuous war and bloodshed brought upon the victorious people of Vietnam.... (CASMII).

VIDEO: Not Noble for Nobel? Anti-war rally urges Obama to Peace

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