Monday, December 28, 2009

"The Chakra Bible" (book)

The flow of subtle energy in our bodies
We are not just physical bodies— remarkable though that is—for around us is a pulsating electromagnetic energy field that is described either as a rainbow-like aura or as a luminous light body. This "subtle-energy" field interacts with our physical body by flowing through concentrated spirals of energy. In yoga practice these spiralling energy centers are known as chakras, a Sanskrit word meaning "wheels of light."

There are seven main chakras (plus a number of smaller ones) that interact with the body's ductless endocrine glands and lymphatic system by feeding in good energy and disposing of unwanted energy. It is vitally important for our general health and the prevention of illness or "disease" that we nourish our chakras in the correct way.

How this book works
This book begins by introducing you to the chakras and the subtle bio-energies in and around our bodies, usually referred to as the "layers" of the aura (Part 1). It continues with in-depth information about each of the seven main chakras, their correspondences in the physical body and how you can use breathing and visualization exercises to balance your life-force energy (Parts 2-8). The origins of chakras in the Indian tradition are explored and linked to the present-day practice of yoga.

Chakras are fundamental to an understanding of holistic healing, and these seven sections of the book offer easy-to-use instructions for utilizing crystals, color, sound, aromatherapy and a number of other effective self-heal methods, giving a broad-based understanding for beginners, healers and practitioners alike.

The later sections of the book explore newly discovered chakras: the Earth Star, Hara/Navel and Causal Chakras, the Soul Star and Stellar Gateway, and the Sun, Moon, and cosmic chakras (Part 9). The chakras as a whole are placed within the context of other traditions, such as Taoism, the Kabbalah, Sufism, Inca and Mayan teachings and shamanism, and the Earth and Planetary chakras are introduced (Part 10). Culminating with a section on chakras and healing, the book explains how to give healing to recipients (Part 11).

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