Thursday, December 24, 2009

"The Simpsons" wins religious praise

"The Simpsons" wins religious praise
Homer Simpson gets approval from a powerful religious institution, despite criticism. "Violence...crude language" - How to have a good midlife crisis

Jews force former president to apologize
Jimmy Carter hopes his open-letter apology improves often tense relations. Why Jewish groups were outraged

Lion and tiger and bear: "Best friends"
Three usually fierce creatures make a cuddly family after getting rescued nine years ago. "They love each other" - NYC mutant roach

Sun, Moon may trigger California tremors
Scientists say tidal forces are causing tremors that could help predict earthquakes. "Faint tug of the sun"

"Avatar" may have hidden messages
Critics and even one cast member say the blockbuster has several different political agendas (anti-war, pro-environment).

"Miracle" saves church window
A Baptist congregation was ready to sell off its prized Tiffany window to help the homeless. "Virgin Mary" light in Egypt

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