Monday, December 14, 2009

"Flying saucer" patent approved

Wisdom Quarterly covers the twin topics of UFOs (vimanas) and extraterrestrials (akasha-devas, asuras, nagas, kinnaras, garudas in Buddhist terms; annunaki to the Sumerians; and known by countless other names in cultures across the world) for good reason. Both spacecraft and alien visitors were common in ancient India.

The great Indian epics talk about both incessantly. Of course, historical accounts -- whether as cuniform tablets or Sanskrit texts -- have now become "mythological" mysteries not discussed in polite company. But we don't let that stop us. Space beings (akasha-devas) are part of humanity's forgotten or covered up history. Yet evidence points to their existence.

If they were not having an influence on human affairs, technological development, war, and religious histories, there would no need to discuss them. The truth -- uncomfortable as it is -- is much stranger than fiction. And the disclosure process has been too slow in coming. Many sightings since the 1950s are recovered craft manmade through reverse engineering.

Why aren't you building your own UFO yet?
Do you know why Richard Branson was in such a hurry to unveil SpaceShipTwo last week? It's not because he loves cool toys — it's because he was worried an inventor who's created a personal UFO would steal his thunder.

Or at least that's what a new press release from UFO guru Luke Fortune claims. Fortune, an inventor, has put plans and patents to allow YOU to build your own laser-fusion-powered UFO online for free.

The prototype will cost $60,000 for you to build. But don't worry — soon, building your own UFO will be dirt cheap. And everybody [left] on the planet will be flying them, according to Fortune's press release. And this will transform the world's economy: The government-approved public charity to develop UFO technology is underway. More>>

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