Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tiger Woods: "Sex (and drug) addict"?

Buddhist Tiger Woods, who is part Thai on his mother's side, has succumbed to sexual misconduct (kamesu micchacara) at least ten times over. Dr. Drew Pinsky is suggesting sex and drug addiction is at the root of Woods' behavior.

Dr. Drew thinks Tiger Woods could be addicted to sex
Not sure where rock bottom is in this whole sordid Tiger Woods saga, but he has yet to hit it. As women continue to come forward, and already weird news gets weirder, we now have Dr. Drew weighing in on Tiger's troubles. "You gotta wonder about addiction, Dr. Drew said on CBS' morning show. "That's the process that has people doing things that don't make sense.... More>>
  • Tiger says Buddhism has given him self-awareness. He says his religion has taught him that he is here to work on flaws in his personality. The two things he has worked on most has been stubbornness and impatience: He used to want things to be perfect right away. Now he understands he has to work on things in his life, which takes time and discipline.

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