Friday, October 11, 2013

Green Festival: Sustainability (LA, SF)

Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly;, (SF)
Green Festival rolls west stopping in Los Angeles Oct. 19-20 and San Francisco Nov. 9-10
Tabling to bring attention to and end modern slavery (WQ/

See the new Green Guide
Green Festival is headed to a new venue in Los Angeles on October 19-20 -- the LA Mart. Along with classic program favorites like Green Business, Fair Trade, Community Action, and more, the festival  is introducing brand new, hands-on programming including the Good Food Stage, DIY demos, Exhibitor demos, and two fabulous eco-fashion shows.

Meat wastes water (WQ)
Learn by doing because practical skills increase self-sufficiency while saving money. Discover fabulous recipes for a healthy, happy family. Be entertained by live demonstrations detailing energy upgrades, bike maintenance, homesteading (edible gardening), and more. 

Support a sustainable economy (take fewer showers or eat fewer animals, the raising-for-slaughter of which wastes countless gallons), zeoform, and get some sustainable holiday shopping out of the way!
LIVE: Amy Goodman ( to speak
Green Festival is the nation’s largest green marketplace for conscious consumers. The research has been done: Every vendor displays a firm commitment to social and environmental responsibility. LA, SF
Transition Pasadena moves us from a petroleum-based society to a green one: Throop UU

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