Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jewish Disaster: The Price of Oslo (video)

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly; Al Jazeera; Sonali Kolhatkar (, 10-23-13), Alan Minsky (L and P, 10-24-13,
Peace activist weeps at the sight of Israeli military's war crimes (
(RT) Jews chant:  "Judaism yes, Zionism no! State of 'Israel' must go!" Free Palestine!
Shhh. Go back to sleep. Dept. of War is on it.
Let's be HONEST. Right now war is going on. But Jews are blaming Hamas, as if the Palestinians were responsible. Hamas is still shooting ineffectual rockets, but be honest. Hamas never existed before. Israel never existed until 1948! Previously, both sides lived in peace together! After establishing an "Israel" here, Jewish occupiers became selfish, taking most of Palastine, making millions of inhabitants refugees. Look at a map of Palestine in 1946, 1967, and 2008. Palestinians lost everything. They are human, too, and they have a right to their land.

Israelis are using the most developed technologies against them, building illegal settlements and draconian walls on Palestinians' land, occupying them so they can't do anything. Should they be polite and peaceful when the Israeli military aims to kill them, imprison and "detain" them, humiliate them, deport them from their own land? Don't blame Palestinians. Zionist-Jews are the cause!

(RT) Jews condemn Zionist Israeli government in New York

Now Syria will be called "evil." But what about the Golan Heights? Occupied and settled on illegally by Jewish settlers, replacing the population with Jews on Syria's territory. Should they be kind? And occupying southern Lebanon. After that Hisboullah was established with an aim to stop Zionist occupation of southern Lebanon. Yet they get called "terrorists"? Be honest and say who the real terrorists are now! Israelis, Hamas, Hisboullah? Maybe Syrians? What could anyone think about Netanyahu's Zionist Israeli regime [backed by the CIA, US and UK governments, and other Western powers]? Is anyone thinking of giving land back to its real owners?
"The Catastrophe" (Al Nakba)
(Al Jazeera Channel) English voice over begins at Minute 1:45. El Nakba English PART II
Surrounding and choking off natives
(WS) Twenty years ago, after decades of conflict between Zionist, pro-government, occupying Israelis and restive Palestinians, a prospect for peace emerged. It was September 1993, and a handshake between then Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat, head of the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization), on the lawn of the White House raised hopes that peace would finally come to the Middle East.
This two-part series traces the secret road to the "Oslo Accords," telling the story of negotiations that took place in the political shadows and a search for common ground in the midst of a region strategically kept in constant turmoil. At the center of it all was an unlikely mediator trying to intervene for peace and justice -- the Scandinavian country of Norway.

(Al Jazeera English) "The Price of Oslo" Norway steps in for justice
Brave Palestinian kids stand up to cowardly Israeli soldiers:
Child molesters! War criminals! Murderers! What must they be saying?
Whatever it is, Medea ( would be proud to stand up with them.

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