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YOGA means...

Maya, Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; David Ibrahim (;

Yoga means stretching our heart, balancing our mind, and breathing into our innermost selves.
“What is this precious love and laughter budding in our hearts? It is the glorious sound of the soul awakening up.”
– Sufi mystic poet Hafiz

Lord Shiva embodying the divine feminine
Divine Yoga LA is led by David Ibrahim, a teacher inspired by yoga’s power to deeply heal and transform the hearts and lives of those who practice it. Ibrahim is known for bringing a fresh, modern interpretation which nevertheless holds strong to the ancient teachings. His soothing voice, sincerity, and presence are hard not to notice. His teaches in an old mining town along Route 66 in the foothill community of Monrovia, which sits in one of the San Gabriel Valley, in suburban Los Angeles. Divine Yoga LA focuses on Hatha Yoga (uniting Sun and Moon, masculine and feminine, yang and yin, assertiveness and receptivity), meditation, and focused breathing practiced alongside inspirational words and music. More + video
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Whatever happened to sex and Ami Fox?
Dear Maya: Ask your question, any question, in the comments section (Wisdom Quarterly).

Ami Fox in arm balancing pose (FPY)
Dear Maya, whatever happened to the yogini who wrote so many great pieces on yoga carried by Wisdom Quarterly? And can someone still have sex when she's pregnant, or is that even normal to think about? 
- Madison G.

"What does the Fox say?" Hey, Maddy, have you considered asking Ylvis? Sadly, Ami Fox ( moved from metropolitan Los Angeles to rural Oregon, to a little town with a giant multinational corporation, following her Latin husband's new job opportunity.

She now encourages towering redwoods to transform sunlight into energy using chlorophyll while raising lots of energetic kids. She is a great yoga teacher in the Power Yoga (modern ashtanga) tradition. That's much easier to do in a big, bad city than in a small, staid community.

Sex poses or yoga positions? Be careful.
Having been pregnant while teaching us arduous balance poses, Fox was the person to ask about sex. There are yoga poses to avoid while pregnant, like any that put weight on the belly. So I can think of a few sex positions that might put the same sort of pressure there. Sex is fine while pregnant with a few provisos.  
Caveat emptor ("buyer beware") of what you're consuming with a "baby onboard." For more details, ask your doula. Don't have a midwife yet? The doctor at your PPO may know something, but I would get a second opinion about anything those kinds of doctors advise, avoiding most if not all of the allopathic "medicines" they prescribe, particularly toxic vaccinations. According to Wisdom Quarterly's favorite sex and addiction specialist, Dr. Drew Pinksy, it should be just fine. Get a checkup.
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