Monday, October 28, 2013

Slayer, the concert (death and cartoons)

Great Slayer song (from "Reign in Blood") as covered by Tori Amos, "Strange Little Girls." The song famously appears in the South Park episode "Die Hippie, Die."
HOLLYWOOD, California - Who could believe Slayer's singer/bassist Tom Araya when he said last night that this was the first time thrash/death metal demons Slayer had played the City of Los(t) Angels in a quarter century?
But that's what he said. Their co-guitarist died! Who knew? (Jeff Hanneman RIP). Everyone knew it when the US military/Slatanic Wehrmacht helmet Slayer logo dropped to reveal the classic sword pentagram logo then a Converse-like seal that read "Death Angel Hanneman," a touching tribute for a bunch of uber tough guys to display. Kerry King was doing what he could to get most of the guitar licks in there, but it wasn't the same without the original duo.

One of Jeff Hanneman's last performances ("Raining Blood")
One could hardly tell Dave Lombardo was gone, at one time considered the fastest/most talented drummer since [blank], at least according to the bull pen/mosh pit/sandbox at Wisdom Quarterly.

I could really get into this! - Uh, Stewie...
What do we have to say for ourselves, given that this outing was "paranormal research"? Halloween or not, why would anyone go see Slayer live when s/he can see them nightly in his/her nightmares? It was fun and interesting. There weren't nearly as many ghosts as we expected. But there were many possessed, hagged out, and otherwise compromised individuals at the show. It was like being in prison, or at least a "drunk tank" (block of holding cells). The pit was constant but not vicious. Tom (see below) was less talkative than usual, less vicious. He has become a stunning cross between Sasquatch (Bigfoot, Abominable Snowman) and Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead).
Slayer on "religion," spirituality, and right-and-wrong

Is death metal dead? It was dead when it started, in that death -- except in the case of the arhat -- always entails rebirth. This is Zombie-core; just ask any incarnation of Chris Barnes (Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under) or Jack Owen (Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Adrift). How could it die? The wheel of suffering grinds on with much faster (who would have thought it possible?) bands. They may be less sincere, but they are darker, more technical, and killing it on a larger scale than Slayer ever imagined, kind of like the US military-industrial complex.

Why not? War is a lie. We know our "glorious" killers in the Army, Air Force, and USMC in Iraq and Afghanistan listen to Slayer. Who? Y'know, the ones aspiring to become mass murderers when they get back home with PTSD and a VA (Veterans Administration) who could hardly care less about their compromised karma, brain health, and massive moral injuries. And we couldn't find Mike Judge or the guy from Tricycle anywhere.

Why Slayer fans really get sent to War
(Ms NWO) What Slayer sings about is real, very real albeit unknown to most Americans: US military, NAZIs, NASA, German war criminals welcomed to the USA. This video gives the actual reasons for attacking Iraq and building military bases all over Central Asia (Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan...). The real reasons for American militarism are finally revealed from their roots in post-NAZI Germany to the modern of drones and full-spectrum dominance. All hail the corporations who finally wedded our government. Sieg heil, corporations.

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