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CENSORED: the Breasts of Mardi Gras (video)

Pfc. Sandoval, Pat Macpherson, Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; FEMEN.org

(CTFxC) Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street, New Orleans: adults play in a Dionysian display

Carnal and hedonistic cravings come over one before revelers retire to a Lenten period of religious reflection and guilt, at least for practitioners of French and Roman Catholicism but maybe not so much for followers of Santeria, Voodoo/Houdou, Satanism, and/or Protestantism.

FEMEN coming to the USA
The best thing about being Catholic is that, before the penitent ascetic period of Lent, there is the wanton excess and guilty delights of Carnivale (flesh-fest, "leaving behind carne" or meat), which comes to a climax on Mardi Gras or "Fat[tening up] Tuesday," the last chance to grow obese by eating slaughtered animals (other than fish, insects, and whatever other way of cheating there is) for 40 days.
In ancient Christian Ethiopia, in fact, "fasting" (not eating) means eating only vegetarian food.

SlutWalk activists (adikanda.com)
In Brazil and other Catholic strongholds, the feast/fest is bigger than India's Eunuchs' Festival, a time of homosexual debauchery because they are not really eunuchs. The problem is one of translation for the odd and ill defined Buddhist term pandaka, which means something more like "pervert," sodomite, transsexual, transgender, third gender (Thai kathoey), transvestite, hermaphrodite, receptive or effeminate homosexual, rapacious pansexual, sex addict, and/or gender nonnormative individual.
(CJO/cdbaby.com) Boobs, booze, and exhibitionism on Bourbon St., USA
It is likely that pandakas rather than gays were excluded from monastic participation in accordance with the Disciplinary Code. But for the ancients, what was "gay" and what was "perverse" were different from our changing definitions. Pandaka is Sanskrit, meaning "without testicles, hermaphroditic, or homosexual."

Topless protesting is coming to the USA
Sextremism means death to patriarchy.
Femen announces the launch of a US branch of Sextremists. "I can't name enemies, as it’s strategic information that we don't share. But I can assure you sure that once American women are trained and ready to act as Femen, every place of gender injustice, every representative of patriarchal culture, will be a target of FEMEN USA. We will not leave religious institutions in peace, with their lobbying for anti-women policies. And Republican politicians will not walk the streets without worry [if they] lobby for anti-women legislation. Femen is a special troop of reaction and punishment." TO JOIN CONTACT: femen.ks@gmail.com More

Who celebrates pre-lenten festivals?
What are you staring at, sweetie? - Your pendant?
Carnivale is traditionally held in areas with a large Catholic and to a lesser extent, Eastern Orthodox makeup. Protestant areas usually do not have such celebrations or have modified traditions, such as the Danish Carnival or other Shrove Tuesday events. Conversely, the Philippines, although a predominantly Roman Catholic country, does not celebrate Carnival because it has been culturally influenced by neighboring Buddhist Asian nations, which do not (philstar.com).

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