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Christian Girl's Guide to Sex (The Kama Sutta)

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I think sex work is the only way out of this mess. - You or me? - Either way. Sex sells, and now the Church is less prudish about us selling it to anyone with cash. Jesus would approve. - That's blasphemy! - So stone me. I'm a Buddhist, and we're fine with consensual sex.

The Buddhist Kama Sutta is translated below.

Heather Veitch
Woo, do it for the Lord! (Ms.Veitch)
JC's Girls is an Evangelical Christian women's organization in the United States whose members preach the Christian gospel to female workers in the sex industry.

The group does not focus on conversion but rather on communicating its message, which is that Christians exist who are not judging female sex workers and are willing to accept them.

NOW the way is...I'm blushing.
Now based at The Rock Church in San Diego, the organization was founded in 2005 at Sandals Church in Riverside, California, by Heather Veitch (pictured), a naked stripper for four years before becoming a Christian and leaving the rigorous sex industry in 1999.

Terry Barone, spokesman of the California Southern Baptist Convention, said that JC's Girls members "are doing what Jesus [famous Jewish-Buddhist Issa] did...He ministered to prostitutes and tax collectors."

Criticism of the organization has focused on the way members dress -- too ungodly -- and the fact that they do not explicitly encourage women in the sex industry to quit. [How dare they allow them to remain doing what they were doing; critics feel they should at least be shamed into feeling bad about it and guilty and repentant.] Philip Sherwell of the Calgary Herald called the evangelism of JC's Girls "America's most unusual Christian outreach operation." More

"According to our test results: are NOT the father!" (Jeremy Kyle)
Jesus Christ was married to...
(The Cosmos News) Jesus was married and had two children with Mary Magdalene! An ancient manuscript offers proof that Jesus Christ was married with children. But this lost gospel has a sensational twist: The new book, The Lost Gospel, claims that Mary Magdalene was the original Virgin Mary! This may explain why most of the world venerates a Mother Goddess consistently along with any newfangled male gods set up as official objects of worship.
The Buddhist "Kama Sutra"
G.P. Malalasekera ( edited by Wisdom Quarterly
Before enlightenment, Prince Siddhartha was a hedonist.
The Kāma Sutta (the Pali version of the Sanskrit word "sutra") is the first of the Atthakavagga ("Octet Chapter") of the Sutta Nipāta ("Woven Cadences").
The story of the discourse goes that the Buddha spoke to a Brahmin -- who in the Kāmanīta Jātaka is referred to as Kāmanīta Brāhmana (J.ii.212) -- who was cutting down trees on the banks of the Aciravatī river while preparing a field to grow [a monocrop of] grain.

He spoke again to the Brahmin on several other occasions, when the latter was engaged in various operations in the field.

Is Jesus a 2000-year-old virgin, Mary Mag?
The Brahmin, pleased by the Buddha's courtesy, resolved to invite him to a meal when the harvest was gathered. But the day before reaping the corn in the field, heavy rains fell, the river flooded, and the corn was all washed away.

The Buddha had foreseen that this would happen and he visited the Brahmin to console him. It was on this last occasion that the sutra was preached. At the end of the discourse the Brahmin became a stream enterer (sotāpanna, the first stage of enlightenment).
  • Source: Sn.vv.766-71; SnA.ii.511ff; J.iv.167f; cp. DhA.iii.284f; see also MNid.i.1ff.
  • The Kāma Sutta contains questions asked by a deva (fairy, angel, well-born spirit) and the Buddha's answers there: A person should not become a slave or surrender him or self as prey to others [prostitution?], and speech should always be gentle (S.i.44) 
  • Kāma or Kāmaguna Sutta deals with the five kinds of pleasures of the senses (A.iv.458; S.v.60) 
DISCOURSE:  The Kama Sutta
"Sensual Pleasure Discourse" (Sn 4.1), Wisdom Quarterly translation based on Ven. Thanissaro
Porn actress Jesse Jane likes JC's Gs
If one, longing for sensual pleasure, achieves it, yes, that person is enraptured at heart. The mortal gets what is desired.

But if for that person -- longing, yearning -- the pleasures diminish, that person is shattered, as if shot through with an arrow.

Whoever avoids sensual desires, however -- as one would one's foot the head of a snake -- that person goes beyond, mindfully transcends, this attachment in the world.

A person who is greedy for fields (farmland), territory, gold (money), cattle (marks of prestige and prosperity), horses (vehicles), servants (slaves), employees (subordinates), women (sexual partners), relatives (family relations), many sensual pleasures (of all six of the senses, mind being the sixth), that person is overpowered with weakness and trampled by troubles.
  • See the Sigalovada Sutra to see why
For pain invades that person like water rushes into a cracked boat.

So one, always mindful, is wise to avoid [craving for] sensual desires. Letting them go, one would cross over the flood (samsara, the Wheel of Rebirth, and inundation by the defilements and taints of the heart/mind) like one who, having bailed out the boat, has safely reached the farther shore.

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