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Desecrating grave of new genocidal "Saint" Serra, 9-Wisdom Quarterly
Worship of Santa Muerte (Saint Death) is popular Catholic practice (
We're here to sodomize, molest children, kowtow men, take women, oh and also to give you these nice free Bibles to study in the name of the Holy Roman Empire (
New lobbyist Joe Boe'ner: I invited my pope.
We would like to give thanks for this report to our friends at, who describe their online journal as "An online journal edited by the slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Saint Benedict Center, New Hampshire." "Slaves"? Now that's dedication -- to worldwide domination by the pro-military, pro-FOX News Holy Roman Empire's Catholic (universal) Church after centuries of conquest, destruction, and a list of atrocities and crimes against humanity too long to document here.

Protest: "Vandals desecrate Carmel Mission, 'Saint' Junípero Serra’s grave site"
Our church needs to stop raping kids (Southpark)
(New York Times) A Catholic mission in Carmel, California, was vandalized on Sunday, with statues toppled and paint splashed on walls, tombstones, and doors, just days after an 18th-century friar [and genocidal rapist, murderer, child abuser, and pro-military European invader, Catholic missionary, who forced conversions of Native Americans and made the "New World" safe for Spanish and subsequent British imperialism] buried there.

Armed conqueror in the name of God?
Junípero Serra was canonized [a few days ago] by Pope Francis [in a travesty of church procedures to first conduct a thorough vetting of a candidate for sainthood, which includes the confirmation of at least two miracles, a process that was conveniently skipped by papal decree in the case of Serra so that the popular pope on his first visit to the U.S. could wow crowds by canonizing a "local U.S. saint" for U.S. crowds to cheer on] the police and officials at the mission said.
Get the h*ll out of God's holy house, you st*pid wh*re and b*tch before I rape you! (Femen)
Employees of the Carmel Mission discovered the vandalism inside the basilica’s entrance courtyard and said it appeared to have been done early Sunday morning, the mission said in a statement posted to Facebook. 
  • PHOTO: A statue of Junípero Serra was toppled and splattered with paint over the weekend at the Carmel Mission in California, just days after Pope Francis elevated him to a Catholic "saint" (KSBW/
“Apparently a person or persons broke in, splattered paint, and toppled down the courtyard statue of St. Serra and other historic statues on display,” the statement said. It urged readers to pray that the perpetrators “take responsibility for their actions on this sacred property and that they seek reconciliation.” More 
"Saint of Genocide" reads the inscription by pro-Native American demonstrators trying to bring attention to Catholic travesty of calling a war criminal a "saint" (
What was California's mission system?
Ghosted by Catholic church
Californian's mission system was a systematic "concentration camp"-style method of partitioning Native American land. The "missions" were used to abduct women and children -- often including the sexual abuse of the children -- until men surrendered and submitted to conquest by the Holy Roman church. Touted as if the system were bringing the Bible to ignorant "half humans," the forts were in fact franchise-like outlets for the takeover of people and the occupation and eventual imperial conquest of new lands by the violent Spain empire and its Conquistadors.

Don't be a hypocrite, future-St. Frances. Stop the rape of children by your priests, bishops, cardinals, co-conspirators. Do more than give lip service to women of the church! (AP)

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