Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Glimpse of Other Realities/Dimensions on Film!

Wisdom Quarterly; Exopolitics.org.uk (video)
"There are more things in heaven and earth...than are dreamt of in your philosophy" [William Shakespeare (shakespeare-online.com); mysticalpoetryandpolitics.com)

Spiritual-physical exercise helps (MBD).
Imagine a rare experiencer of strange phenomena but who, unlike other "mystics," records strange visions for all to see using Super-8 video. Imagine no more, for her name is Stella Lansing, and here is footage of possible UFO alien communication.

UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles (Sanskrit vimanas) not only morph when seen with the naked eye but on film. How? It seems that the consciousness of the person recording the film footage can "merge" onto the resulting tape.
Science = proof.
A network of people in the United Kingdom are obtaining similar results and more. There the ET contact issue is merging with a wide variety of other phenomena. Previously this was referred to as "paranormal" -- a catch-all phrase. But this concept is totally useless, and this is why many now refuse its use.

Like many others around the world, it is now possible to sufficiently "prove" that there is ET contact and it interacts with individual- and group-consciousness. (See also the video "ETs, Terraforming, and Alien Nano-Toys" talk for more information).

Stella Lansing's amazing story shares similarities with the Dorothy Izzat case because Lansing is able to capture diverse anomalies on film. She has collected extensive still photograph and video footage evidence over a 30-year period while keeping detailed records of her demonstrable experiences. This video contains footage of the famous "four occupants" incident.
Alien Races - Over 82 species on Earth! (NWO)

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