Thursday, September 17, 2015

Occupy Movement four years later

Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly; C. Robbins (Gothamist); C. Robert Gibson

Occupy lawsuit accuses NYPD of repressing Free Speech during mass arrests
Christopher Robbins (Gothamist via, Sept. 18, 2015);;
A new lawsuit filed in federal court aims to challenge a reality evident to anyone who has attended a large political gathering in Lower Manhattan over the past decade:

Lawful behavior is no safeguard against being arrested.
The lawsuit centers on more than 200 arrests made around the first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street in September 2012, when the NYPD "should have known that members of its police force would encounter individuals engaged in expressive speech activity."
Take this, you goddamn filthy hippie pacifists and anti-bankers! (
Please, no more, officer, no more!!!
Instead, the NYPD continued to arrest and harass protesters for seemingly no reason other than that they were protesting.

The lawsuit asserts that this is part of a "pattern, policy, and practice of the NYPD misapplying the disorderly conduct statute to peaceful protesters in New York City."
"The City of New York has continually failed to appropriately police the many non-violent and lawful expressions of speech, resulting in the continual breach... More

Occupy: Four Years Later
C. Robert Gibson (, Sept. 17, 2015)
#FloodWallStreet (
Occupy Wall Street may not have dismantled capitalism -- but it did profoundly change the way people perceive it and how their voices impact institutions of power all over the world.

While the tent encampments of fall 2011 were evicted within months, Occupy lives on: Its organizers went on to build social justice movements and affect political outcomes on multiple continents.
Were it not for Occupy, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders might not be a frontrunner in the Democratic presidential primary.

Jeremy Corbyn -- a sexagenarian vegetarian socialist -- would not have overcome the UK’s establishment political machine to become the new Labour Party leader. And Malcolm Turnbull would not have ousted Tony Abbott as Australia’s newest prime minister.
However, on the four-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, it’s important to reflect not only on its victories but to learn from its failures. Both were necessary. The movements that followed Occupy built off of triumphs by learning from downfalls. More

I could kill you and say I was in fear for my safety or my partner's. You know that?

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