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Did Courtney Love KILL Kurt Cobain? (video)

Tom Grant ("Soaked in Bleach"); Movieclips; Alex Constantine (C2C); Wisdom Quarterly
(Movieclips) "Soaked in Bleach" official trailer, a Kurt Cobain biopic in high definition

Movieclips Film Festivals & Indie FilmsRick McDonald says, "This movie [may] start up so much sh-t it's unreal, and I f-n love every minute of it. This movie looks too f-n good not to see. Can't wait for it. Well done to the investigator that put [it] together."

Die, Kurt, die. Ha, ha.
Years ago the "alternative" rock station in Los Angeles, KROQ FM, used to talk to private investigator Tom Grant and others about the fact that Courtney Love murdered her then soon-to-be ex-husband Kurt Cobain of Nirvana fame. Then they backed off big time. Courtney inherited all of Kurt's money with his death, an "apparent" suicide with a note and everything. Seattle cops quickly shut the case and cremated the corpse.

Kevin, Miss December, Ralph (KROQ)
But lingering questions remain, and the investigator Courtney originally hired to find her husband turned on her after uncovering evidence that she had murdered him. He has made it his life's mission to bring out the truth. But KROQ had Courtney's band Hole to promote and records to sell, a rock 'n roll fantasy to promote and, after all, all of the great rock artists get assassinated at 27.

Everyone knows that. (Well, we know they die, and we are told it's suicide, but the fact is many are murdered by our very own government agents, a very controversial statement that can be investigated at Coast to Coast as revealed by Alex Constantine).

The Murder of Rock Stars 
Host John B. Wells with guest Alex Constantine, Coast to Coast, Nov. 23, 2013
Do we torture? Who, us?
There he cites as one piece of evidence a U.S. government intelligence memorandum that advises agents on a variety of methods to disrupt the lives of popular musicians. This document, which was revealed in 1976, suggests tactics such as: destroying marriages, planting disparaging newspaper articles, and fostering rivalries among competing artists.
Do we deal drugs? Who, us?
"Every one of these guys talked about revolution," Constantine observes about the counterculture musicians of the 1960's, "and the people at the top don't want to hear this."

He contends that this message of revolt was so disturbing to the "powers that be" (those in power at any given time) that they decided to eliminate popular artists who promoted it.
Do we kill? Who, us?
Among the artists he suspects were assassinated at the behest of the U.S. government are popular musicians like Tupac Shakur, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, and Mama Cass. Regarding the death of Hendrix, Constantine explains that, despite newspaper reports which blamed "a heroin overdose," physicians who treated Hendrix reported that red wine gushed out of his lungs and that he actually died from drowning.
Do we prop up Israel? Who, us?
According to Constantine, Bob Marley was "definitely killed by the CIA" via a surreptitious injection of cancer-causing compounds. Mama Cass was felled by the government because of her "encyclopedic knowledge of the Nixon administration."

Ultimately, Constantine surmises that the agenda behind this spate of secret assassinations was to "kill off the political musicians and replace them with, basically, disco [or a safer form of mass distraction not associated with revolt]." More+AUDIO

Does the U.S. government arm called the CIA torture, kill, and depose governments? (JS)

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