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Do demons help magicians? (scary video)

Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly; Hisoka 35O; Xendrius
Demon dancers, Vajrayana Buddhist Himalayas, Hemis Gompa (Gustafson/
(Hisoka 35O/Jun 20, 2016) 5 Most Disturbing DEMON Attacks Caught On Camera

Mystic (
As the Bon/Obon Season (Asian Halloween/Samhain) comes to an end, our minds are on "demons" (rakshasas, yakkhas, nagas, kumbandhas), ghosts (pretas), and invisible beings (devas) in general.

Some are good, harmless, or disinterested. But others are potentially malevolent and inimical. It's dangerous to paint with too broad a brush as to what "spirits," "angels," or "devas" are.

Buddhist cosmology explains much.
In the three Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Islam, Christianity), can one safely say that all "angels" (messengers) are good? Can they be harmful?

Similarly, in the Brahmanic (viewing the cosmos with brahmas in mind and Maha Brahma in particular). Then there are the two general kinds of serpents (nagas), reptilians who can be harmful or helpful. There are two kinds of ogres (yakkhas), some nature protectors others cannibal-humanoids with psychic powers (like Alavaka) and an appetite for human flesh.

Finally, there are the dwarfs (kumbhandas) and faeries (bhummi-devas). Their reality seems to be in another dimension physically connected to ours. Be careful when wandering in the forest or wilderness.

Demonic stage magic on TV

Demon dance, Buddhist Himalayas (
(Xendrius) "America's Got Talent" is easy and cheesy, but just try to explain Minute 7:00! Also find Xendrius at Here's an article about the incredible magic of Mirin Dajo:

This video is for skeptics who decry the demon theory and are constantly making ignorant comments such as, "It does not mean it's demons just because you don't know how it's done."

I [Xendrius] and MANY others believe in the demon hypothesis for completely different reasons. Those who believe that an electric chair is used by Mike Super, watch 8:36 at

I agree that no explanation does not mean demons are the explanation. But when there is clear evidence that many of these "sorcerers" are connected to the occult or are in one way or another admitting that spirits talk to them and help them perform these supernatural feats, that's evidence for the demon hypothesis.

Demons are not here to entertain, but to deceive and confuse. They will perform marvels in the service of this. They are behind the Illuminati and they had Weishaupt set up the following goals and principles for their human puppets to follow in order to establish a Satanic world government. These are called the "25 Illuminati goals." Search the term. Still don't think demons help the world's top magicians? Watch "Demon Magicians," Episodes 1-8.

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