Wednesday, January 25, 2017

1984: No climate change under Trump (video)

Pat Macpherson, Kris, Wisdom Quarterly; Huff Post (Rachel Maddow); Business Insider
George Orwell would find it bittersweet: Sales of 1984 soar as "Big Brother" takes office.

Rachel Maddow issues warning over Trump's climate gag order
Down with Big Bro (Nineteen Eighty-Four)
MSNBC's liberal semi-comedian lesbian totally unbiased host Rachel Maddow is outing Trump. Not for being bi; no one will mention that. He's directing the EPA to stop funding climate change research. There maybe global warming or not, but let's not look into it. And lets hide previous research, which is surely biased to favor one side of the issue over the other. But it's still data the government paid for, which means -- even if it's a fraud funded to monetize carbon -- it belongs to all of us. More

(MSNBC, Jan. 25, 2017) The Rachel Maddow Show reports on how many of the concerns about how Pres.Trump (on Day 4) would regard the environment as president are coming true, with his pushing of controversial pipelines, to his EPA pick, to his lockdown on the EPA staff.
The planet's going to ruin, but at least the stock market's up! (The DOW Jones is not the market, and more importantly, the market is NOT the economy even if the media treats it that way).
Pres. Trump (and mainstream Republicans and some Democrats) wants torture (AP).
Say what, Rachel? Shut the h*ll up! I'm Big Brother president now! (AP)

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