Monday, January 16, 2017

"The Itchy and Scratchy Show" (cartoon)

Editors, Wisdom Quarterly; Matt Groening, Mr. Brooks, "The Simpsons" (FOX TV)
I want us to make love, Duck. - I'll kill you, motherf'er! - Don't talk that way, Donald.
Sex is obscene, but (violent) war is holy
We censor even cartoon boobs to protect kids.
What's America's longest running and most successful TV show? The beloved Simpsons. But isn't one of the funniest parts, at least in the early years, the psychotically ultra-violent Itchy and Scratchy. It's so shockingly accurate as a depiction of the violent pablum we are fed in summer blockbuster movies and the endless stream of childish cartoons and kid-friendly programming we consume.

Altering consciousness? No, kids, no!
Mars (Ares) forbid we watch anything about sex or mature loving! Our parents and the ladies at the PTA, the censors at Al Gore's wife's PMRC, and all the do-gooders in the country. We want sex, we want to learn about sex, and it would be really good if the adults stopped molesting us and being hypocrites who themselves were molested but can never talk about it. This is a sexual misconduct obsessed society. 

And the only time we ever came close to normal was the fabled Sixties, which mostly took place in the Seventies, but was undermined and it caused us to remember all the participants as "dirty hippies" and debauchery. It was a time of true love and mind expanding entheogens.

The clandestine agencies went in with the Fifties' mentality made it "dirty," "shameful," and "disgusting." But everyone looks back fondly on that brief time of peace, love, and happiness.

What's this killing material, Wily E Coyote?
Again as in pre-Sixties America, it's all toy guns for kids, real guns for everybody else, and shoot at will if you feel the slightest bit threatened, except don't you dare even dream of pointing your pistol (or empty hand) at an authority, who is authorized and eager to shoot you dead with impunity. That means with no consequences other than the possible guilt and certain bad karma of harming and killing.

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