Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ajahn Brahm: meditation instructions 3 (video)

Meditation retreat with Ajahn Brahm, a British Theravada monk trained in the Thai Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah, who after his attainments went on to become an abbot in Perth (Buddhist Society of Western Australia), and an unwavering supporter of fully-ordained Theravada Buddhist nuns (bhikkhunis).

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This is Day 3: Questions and Answers at the West End Buddhist Temple and Meditation Center in Mississauga, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The was the Q&A exchange on the third and final day of the retreat with the beloved "Buddhist Seinfeld," Ven. Brahmavamso Maha Thera.
Anukampa Bhikkhuni Project, Buddhist nunnery in London (anukampaproject.org)
Ajahn Brahm is the popular Buddhist teacher to a growing international audience of people keen to learn meditation and develop a deeper spiritual life... Here's more about him: 

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