Saturday, January 14, 2017

Trees really do TALK (TED audio)

Suzanne Simard, 1-TED Radio Hour NPR/TED Staff; Editors, Wisdom Quarterly
How do Trees [Cooperate and] Collaborate?
Mycelium Running (Paul Stamets)
(12:28) Mushrooms are the basis of the communicating forest: Ecologist Suzanne Simard shares how she discovered and scientifically proved that trees use underground fungi (mycelium) networks to communicate and share resources, uprooting the idea that nature constantly competes for survival. It is smarter than that: it cooperates because it knows that the health of one is interdependent on the health of many. Her segment appeared on the TED Radio Hour episode called "Networks."
Suzanne Simard is a professor of forest ecology at the University of British Columbia. Her work demonstrates that complex, symbiotic networks in forests mimic our own neural and social networks. She has 30 years of experience studying the forests of Canada.

California has enormous sequoia drive-through redwood trees (

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