Thursday, January 26, 2017

What the war needs a wall (Trump)

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There is already a large, long border partition along parts of southern United States (AP)
SAN DIEGO, California - As Trump announced his plans for a wall on US-Mexico border, Border Patrol agents in California on the lookout for drugs and smugglers drove all-terrain vehicles along a barrier that reaches 18 feet, topped by razor wire and reinforced by cameras and lighting (AP).

I want us to restart our torture, too (AP).
What the world needs now is love, sweet love. It's the only thing that there's just too little of. But what Trump, sweet Trump, wants to dump dump dump along the border is a big f.u. to the US war on its enemies, the world.

Our dummy-in-chief is not the first president to embark on an aggressive buildup on the border. Here's a look at what is already there: 

Drought ends, but water prices to stay high.
One-third of the U.S.-Mexico border, or 653 miles, is already studded with fence in a potpourri of styles, from menacing barriers to less formidable ones. The Ancient Chinese would be proud.

The barriers arose from pseudo-Pres. George W. Bush's "Secure Fence Act," which was passed quietly in the last year of his administration. You don't need to know what the "Patriot Act" actually says, so what do you need to know the full plan of taking over the U.S. from the inside out?

Let's make war on the world
Kahlo would dislike this war.
Mexicans shopped at an outlet mall that bumps up against the border. And dozens of migrants huddled in tents outside a shelter in Mexico hoping to get into the U.S. To them Trump's executive order Wednesday to build a wall seemed more like a symbolic gesture of a new chapter in U.S-Mexico relations than a real deterrent for people to enter the country without dealing with U.S. bureaucracy. More

A look at border security, fencing as Trump announces wall
HOUSTON, Texas - Trump announced his long-awaited plan today to build a "wall" on the 1,954-mile U.S. border with Mexico, calling for its "immediate construction" to stop illegal immigration, drug and human trafficking, and potential future acts of "terrorism." More
Don Trump orders a border "wall" because our fence is just not good enough (KPCC)
The Federalis, US Border Patrol cowboys on the hunt for trespassers on white man's land
Latin Border Patrol agent Olmos at secondary fence separating Tijuana, background, and US
We didn't cross "the border." The Border Crossed Us (
The border dividing Mexico into Mexico and the US or El Norte and El Sur (AP)
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    Water protectors stop ETP and police (
    CANNON BALL, North Dakota - Most of the peaceful demonstrators who gathered on the North Dakota plains to oppose the Dakota Access oil pipeline declared victory and departed their snowy protest camp last month after the Army announced it would halt the project, says the AP. But diehards knowing the corporation, the police, and the government are lying remained behind as "water protectors." Trump recent statements proves they were right to doubt the powers that be would choose the people and the environment over their profits and power grab. More biased reportage from the AP

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