Wednesday, February 1, 2017

7 Most Egregious Acts in Obama’s Military

Jonah Bennett ( edited and expanded by Wisdom Quarterly
Hey, uhhh, don't blame me. I just, uhhh, work for these white folks, mmm, yup (AP).
To you, Netanyahu, and the U.S. military
Former U.S. President Barack H. Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) is said to have left a legacy of radical social change in the military.

But aside from major shifts like allowing women in all combat roles and repealing the ban on open transgender service, many cases of rampant political correctness have been memory-holed.

Here are just seven egregious examples of social justice that creeped into the armed forces over the last eight years.
1. Handbook tells soldiers not to criticize pedophilia
"I've changed." Now I love power and war.
A proposed U.S. Army handbook from 2012 ordered soldiers not to make any nasty comments about the Taliban or criticize the common practice of pedophilia in Afghanistan.
The handbook also suggested that the West’s failure to grasp culture in Afghanistan was partially responsible for the spate of insider attacks. In 2012 alone, insider attacks accounted for 63 deaths of members of the U.S. coalition.
The first openly gay U.S. president? Lincoln was closeted, but Barry showed off Michael.
According to a draft of the document leaked to The Wall Street Journal, the document urges troops to stop “advocating women’s rights,” or bring up “any criticism of pedophilia,” or “anything related to Islam.”
Commands to ignore pedophilia in Afghanistan have by no means been limited to the 2012 draft handbook.
Rather, The New York Times reported in 2015 that troops have been told repeatedly to ignore cases of pedophilia and extreme sexual assault -- even on U.S. military bases.
2.  The Bible disrespects diversity

Christianity vs. Islam: "Your bull$hit is more bull$hit than my bull$hit"!
Black lives matter...but not to Obama.
In December 2014 the U.S. Army punished Chaplain Joseph Lawhorn for listing Bible verses as an optional resource in a suicide prevention training class. While his training was very well-received, one soldier complained and contacted an outside organization to put pressure on the military.
Army Col. David Fivecoat, Lawhorn’s superior, condemned him for supposedly violating Army policy. Fivecoat told him he was to stop mentioning the Bible because it disrespects diversity. More
Don't worry. I'll fix our military! (PRI)

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