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John Titor: Life in the year 2036 (video)

PlanExposed4 (Source: Jsnip4), Jan. 20, 2017; Pat Macpherson, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly
(PE4) The time traveler John Titor talks about 911, Civil War, Nuclear attacks, the division of the USA into five areas. (Parts 1 and 2)

Although there is debate over the exact date it started, on November 02, 2000, a person going by the name Timetravel, and later John Titor, started posting on a public forum as a time traveler from the year 2036.
One of the first things Titor did was post pictures of the time machine and its operation manual. As the weeks went by, more and more people began questioning him about why he was here, the physics of time travel, and his thoughts about our time (which is about 2% different than his). He also posted on other forums including the now defunct Art Bell site. In his posts John Titor entertained, angered, frightened, and even belittled those who engaged him in conversation.
Time travel with only four cesium clocks
On March 21, 2001, Titor told us he would be leaving our timeline and returning to 2036. After that, he was never heard from again. Speculation and investigation about who John Titor was and why he was online continues to this day. (It is certain that if he is real, the powers that be today do not want people to believe he was real).
Although it may be easy to dismiss all of this as science fiction, most people who read his posts agree that there is something eerie and haunting about John Titor and what he said. In addition, and this is open to debate, he also made a series of predictions and comments that eerily seem to be coming true. (He definitively made statements about things that would happen and in what year that did not come true).
Unfortunately, we never spoke directly to John Titor, but there are many out there who did and continue to wonder about their experience. As one gets deeper and deeper into the story, one finds his posts, links to other sites about him, downloads, and speculative information attributed to him after he left.

The posts have been taken and organized by date and subject. The editorial work is copyrighted, but the unedited posts and the people who experienced these things are in the public domain and can be found on other sites listed inside.
When reading, please try to keep two things in mind. Titor appeared to answer nearly every question asked of him over the 4-month period he was online. Because of that, many people neglected to read the previous posts and asked the same or similar questions to those he had already answered. This may offer a glimpse of what a time traveler goes through when having the same conversation again and again.

These posts were written before 9/11, the Space Shuttle Discovery accident, and the second Gulf War. Many people believe Titor may have known of these events and dropped clues without actually referring to them. It's also widely agreed that he made several predictions about future discoveries in physics that have materialized as he stated. More

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